The best olive oil you'll ever taste

Adopt an olive tree and enjoy fresh and delicious olive oil delivered direct to your door all year round.
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How "adopt an olive tree" works

Choose with which of our two award-winning growers - Carmelo from Sicily or Antonio from Campania - you would like to have your olive tree.
You'll receive your Adoption Pack with a certificate showing your tree and a booklet of information about your tree straight away - great for a last-minute gift.
Each quarter you'll receive a shipment of 3x250ml tins of Italian olive oil from your tree alternating between a plain oil quarter and a flavoured oil quarter.
Adoptions cost from £40 per quarter on a subscription basis. You can cancel at any time but once you taste our olive oil, you'll never want to go back to ordinary olive oil again.

What we believe in

Pomora is an olive tree Adoption programme.  Our goal is to create a community of food lovers and food producers who share an ethical vision.
People who care about high quality, wholesome foods of known provenance; people who care about mother earth and treating her with respect;  
people who care about and look after each other; people, we hope, like you.


We believe in simple, whole foods which taste great and are good for you.

Olive oil is the original super food protecting you against heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer's and obesity.

Fair trading

We believe that everyone in the food supply chain should be equitably rewarded.

We are committed to paying a living price to our growers and in return expect them to pay a living wage to their employees.

Perfect Provenance

We believe it's important to know exactly what is in your food and from where it came.

We work directly with our growers who keep sufficient records to allow us to trace our olive oil all the way back to the grove.

Respect for mother earth

We believe our relationship with mother earth should be one of reciprocity.

Our growers employ traditional and sustainable farming practices, caring for mother earth as she provides for us.
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What the experts say

Vanessa Kimbell

The Queen of Sourdough

"Pomora is the only olive oil I trust, flavour is everything in the end."

Diana Henry

James Beard Award-winning writer

"I love their story but I also just really like the olive oil, it's delicious stuff."

Jo Pratt

Food writer & TV presenter

"I love the superior quality and the wonderful variety of flavoured oils."

What our Customers say

I adopted a tree a year ago for my daughter who loves cooking. Our quarterly delivery, alternating between plain and flavoured oils, has always been welcomed and used to make great dishes. The oil is delivered in small tins in a cardboard box - all recycleable. Minimal plastic. Great concept. Great service. Lovely oil.

By Neil V, Dec 2020

I have been a subscriber for a few years now and am always so happy with the quality of the product and the amazingly friendly customer service. They’re fab! The oils are delicious and I find the recipes inside each box really inspirational. Definitely recommend!

By Delia L, Oct 2020

I have been using Pomora Olive for nearly a year now and I absolutely love them all. Truffle in particular is my absolute favourite. It’s the best quality oil I have ever used and would highly recommend it to anyone considering adopting a tree. Not only is the product amazing the customer service is brilliant.

By Megan K, Sep 2020

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We're here for you

If you have any questions about the Pomora olive oil Adoption programme, need to skip a quarter, arrange a visit to your olive tree or if you'd just like to share something with us, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

You can contact Pomora's founders - Alun or Paul - directly.

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